studio processing is the nourishing weekly reminder we all need to carve out time for ourselves and embrace the messiness of life. A healing space where I send weekly love letters connecting my art and life and therapy work, I offer consistent inspiration to live an intentional, thoughtful life, with more grounding calm and less chaos. Each week I’ll send you a personal letter filled creative essays, accessible tools, original artwork, and an occasional interview inspiring an intentional life, with more calm and less chaos.

Warm welcome! I’m grace cady, a licensed psychotherapist and ceramic artist. studio processing is my warm and intimate digital space where I inspire living a present, true-to-you life through making space for others to witnessing my processing - my vulnerability and insights and occasional blunders - and to celebrate my wins with me too.

studio processing is swirling with creative, easy to digest tips and tools, while staying evidence-based. As a Columbia-trained, practicing psychotherapist, I take my role in the mental health field seriously and also, at my core, I’m a free spirited artist. My hope is that by reading these letters, you get to peek inside my brain - to feel connected with me and my work and gain an understanding of my unique perspective, maybe picking up some tools and practices along the way. Meaningful tidbits you can implement into your own life to live with a little more ease.

What to expect:

Every Sunday morning I’ll gently land in your inbox with an invitation to take a pause, ground yourself, and carve out a moment for you. My hope is that when you see studio processing in your inbox, your shoulders will relax down and you’ll take a deep breath, knowing it’s time to take a moment for yourself. I explore mindfulness and well-being in creative, accessible, personal ways and every email is swirling with thoughts on how to live with greater ease, more connection and creativity, and greater intention.

I’m grateful you’re here.

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design & identity by grace cady | photograph above by paola geoffrey

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psychotherapist and interdisciplinary artist