welcome to my warm digital space where I share sneak peeks into my brooklyn studio practice and all my processing - processing of clay into meaningful objects; processing of all the emotions it takes to be human; processing of the swirly, magical world around us.

studio processing is a mostly free publication, with opportunities to support!

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each week’s letter will include:

+ a small window into my process - reflections on how we can incorporate handmade pottery for a meaningful day-to-day, where my attention has been focused, what’s been inspiring my work, an exciting idea i had on my morning walk with my pup, etc etc etc

+ studio happenings - what music i’ve been listening to at the wheel, seasonal vibes, workshop and market announcements

+ approachable mindfulness techniques for paid subscribers: think of these as tools for your peacefulness toolbox. to ensure they are accessible for everyone no matter your schedule, each week I’ll include one that takes thirty seconds, one that takes five minutes, and one that takes ten minutes. 

and for the curious, a quick about me & my work:
with a background in sociology and social work focusing on healthy relationships and end-of-life care, grace's pottery practice has grown into a space where she explores the intricacies of moving through the world as a human and how to make the everyday a little brighter and more mindful.

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grace cady

mindful potter, illustrator, writer | gracecady.com